A little more about me.

Besides photography, I enjoy the outdoors, a lot! I like going on early morning hikes, and because I live in CA and am surrounded by tons of amazing hiking trails, I go all the time. I also love camping. Some of my favorite places to go camping are Yosemite and Joshua Tree (I have both a Joshua Tree & Yosemite tattoo if that tells you something haha). So, if you're a couple who doesn't mind hiking and getting a little sweaty, let's plan an adventure and take epic photos!


If I had to describe my personality, I’d say that I’m a very laid-back person. For the most part, I’m spontaneous and tend to go with the flow because I think it’s just less stressful that way & sometimes it makes for the best experiences!


Open Roads & Good Convos

Rocky Mountain National Park

Hugo Leiva Photography

It’s me.

You can’t really tell because of my watch but I have a raccoon riding a bicycle tattoo. No it’s not a completely random tattoo haha, my dad actually grew up having pet raccoons in his country & he’s obsessed with them, so I got it for him.

Creating Meaningful Memories

I’m also big on environmental issues. I’m a big believer that small changes goes long ways and I think that as inhabitants of this planet, it’s our duty to protect it. That means making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint - here’s a small article on simple ways we can do that.

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Joshua Tree NP, CA.

Joshua Tree NP, CA.

I want your experience with me to be genuine, thrilling, and most of all memorable. That is my goal and if you think that we’ll make a good fit then let’s get in touch and start planning our next little adventure!