Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding - Camelia & Christian

I always found it so interesting how couples first met. It’s wild to think how two peoples’ paths come together at a particular time & place and bam! The rest is history. That’s exactly what happened with Camelia & Christian. Camelia is originally from Romania (super rad) and Christian is from Rhode Island which is where she spent most of her summers. They both met at a bar, and according to Christian, he was in awe when he first saw her and just had to spark up a convo. Eventually, they got to talking and exchanged info; knowing that Camelia had to go back, Christian was still determined to stay in touch until the following summer. Seasons go by and finally - this past summer 2018 - they met once again. This time it was different because they knew that they wanted to be together already. Fast forward a couple months later and now they’re freakin married!

So cool to have gotten the opportunity to capture a beautiful story!! To many more years Camelia & Christian! Cheers!