Surprise Proposal in Top of Malibu Hills

the days leading up to @dyamig & @annajay114 surprise proposal it was forecasted that it was supposed to rain so Dyami and I kept emailing back & forth trying to figure out if we should postpone it or not and at one point we did. We were meant to postpone it for the summer but the Airbnb that Dyami had rented out for the occasion was going to be super expensive over the summer so we decided to just tough out the rain and go through with the original date.

The day of, I ended up getting lost because of Siri (I still feel betrayed). So I called @cory_meets_world (Dyami & Anna’s friend) and she told me which way to go, except, the road that I was on was blocked off by this huge gate. Mind you, the proposal is about to happen in 30 min and I’m 15 min away from where I’m supposed to be. Anyway, I find another alternative road but the road is so sketchy since it’s up in the hills so I didn’t want to go too fast or I’d go off the road and die and boom, there goes the photographer lol.

So I show up 15 before the proposal and @n.sink and I start setting up where we’re going to hide and there really wasn’t a good spot so we improvised and hid behind a bunch of cushions we stacked together. So they finally arrive and I’m over here freaking out because they were going to pass right next to us and I was just hoping Anna didn’t see us (which she didn’t). Finally Dyami pops the question and Anna of course, says yes and they start making out and I’m over here like hell yeah and Noah is like hell yeah, too! Everyone is just super stoked & what not! but yeah that’s my story of the day, you’re welcome 😂