San Gabriel National Forest Engagement Photos / Los Angeles, CA - Simran & James

DUUDEEE! Let me tell ya about Simran & James! These two were seriously such a blast to work with. From the moment Simran - which is pronounced Sim[rin] - I knew that we would get a long because of the way we both interacted through text messages and sure enough when we met up it was as if we were friends already haha!

So Simran & James are both from Seattle, WA and they were coming down to CA to visit some family + vacation. Simran told me that they wanted to shoot somewhere with Palm Trees on each side of a street and so I immediately remembered this one spot in Asuza, CA; which is cool because it’s a one way street and not a lot of cars pass by there so that’s where we ended up taking photos.

After we took photos there, I wanted to take them up to San Gabriel mountains and I’m really glad I did because we took some epic photos and we got to run around a little and James got head butted by accident like 3 times lol, it was super fun!

Take a look at the photos below! :)

Can’t wait to hang with you guys again!