Cuvier Park Elopement - La Jolla, CA - Raj & Peter

Raj & Peter.

I had such a great time with these two at their elopement in Cuvier Park, CA. Everything went so smooth and it was honestly the least stressful wedding/elopement I’ve ever done.

It started with a first look (which was amazing, check out the photos below) and right after, we took maybe 10 minutes to take photos before Bill (the officiant) arrived to get the ceremony started. For the ceremony it was just the couple, the officiant, and me - no crazy uncles or aunts lol! They exchanged their rings, said their vows and that was that. As simple as that was, it was still very meaningful because the vows were both beautiful and the spot they chose was where Peter had proposed to Raj - funny side note, the vows were almost identical, just different wording haha! That’s how you know this couple has great chemistry!

Congratulations again Raj & Peter, I hope that we get to hang out again sometime and this time we’ll pack some tacos to eat after our photoshoot ;)