Proposal in Santa Barbara Flower Fields

When Michael reached out that he wanted to propose to Christine at the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens I got super excited because I’ve never been, and because surprise proposals are always exciting to shoot!

Day Of: I arrived at the Botanic Gardens around 1:45 (I was supposed to meet Michael around 2:15) and while I was purchasing my ticket to go in, I got a text from him that he had spotted me so I turn up and sure enough there’s Michael and his future fiancé taking photos of the poppies. At this point, I start getting nervous and pumped all at the same time and I’m trying to quickly set up my camera all while they’re behind me lol.

Once I was ready to go I texted Michael that I was ready — he was far enough from her where he could reply without making it suspicious — so he started getting closer & closer to her and once he was close enough, I saw that he pulled out a piece of paper out of his pocket & I got a little confused until I realized that he had wrapped the ring in a piece of receipt paper because the ring box was too big (clever hahaha!).

With the ring in his hand, Michael comes up beside Christine and subtly gets down on one knee and finally asks Christine the big O question!!!