Surprise Proposal at El Matador Beach, Malibu.

Binit + Priya

First of all, kudos to Priya for actually waking up very early to just “casually” go to the beach with Binit lol.

**I personally like shooting in the mornings because the locations are typically empty and that’s a dream for any photographer to not have to deal with crowds AKA not having to photoshop people out of all the photos haha.

This proposal was a blast! I actually had my good friend Noah help me out by taking photos, while I did video (Video coming soon!) When Noah and I first arrived there, we met up with Binit’s friend who had brought a glass bottle with a message inside it and some roses to have them by the bottle. We all decided on a spot, snapped a photo and sent it to Binit so he would know where to propose. While Noah and I were waiting for Binit & Priya to arrive, we started noticing that the tides were getting higher but it was a little too late to change locations since we had already told Binit.

A couple of minutes later and the couple arrives and I’m freaking out because Noah and I are just casually taking video of each other, pretending we were vloggers hahaha and at the same time trying to get the shot without having Priya notice. Finally Binit goes down on one knee and a freakin wave comes and gets him all wet lol but he played it off and it all worked out! Oh ya! and she said YES! ;)

Check out them photos!