Surprise Proposal in Hollywood Hills.

Game Plan: Manan & his girlfriend Deepa were to arrive at the Hollywood Bowl Scenic Overlook — the view here is epic but unfortunately it was super foggy & rainy the day of — where they would find me and my assistant, Fred. Fred and I were supposed to be taking “time lapses” - at least that’s what we were supposed to say in the case Deepa asked. Manan would then approach me to ask if I can take a photo of them two with his phone. I would obviously agree, take a couple of photos, then ask them if I can take some photos of them with my DSLR camera because I was trying to “build my portfolio” haha! Anyways, I had picked a spot for Manan where it wasn’t too far and we had somewhat of a view in the background; the only problem was that it was muddy because of the rain so I was kinda nervous that Deepa would be like “this guy is crazy” and say no, but she was so cool with it, thankfully!

So the cue Manan and I rehearsed was that I would ask for both of them to look at me while holding hands & keeping some distance from each other (we called it the hipster pose). After this pose, I would direct Deepa to look the opposite way, and this was when Manan would get on one knee. Once I saw he was ready to go, I then directed Deepa to turn around and the rest is history! :)

Check out the photos below to see her amazing reaction.

Congrats again Deepa & Manan!!!