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Wedding Photography Packages Begin @ $3,000

Wedding Film Packages Begin @ $2,800

Engagement Sessions start @ $450

Adventure Package start @ $750

Elopements $1,500

Travel Welcomed!

I'm excited that you have taken an interest in my work, it seriously means a lot!

To me photography means much more than simply taking photos, it means capturing all the raw moments between you and the person you love.  This means the unfiltered, not caring, intimate and dorky you. (Don't worry, I'm super dorky too) It's also about creating new and exciting memories. It means building new friendships and running/hiking around together talking about our favorite TV shows (mine are The Office and New Girl, in case you were wondering). I want your special day to be just that, special! It's all about you guys, so let's celebrate and create new and fun memories!

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contact me again at  626 940 4597

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That way I can put a face behind the name :) ( Mine is @hugoleivaphoto - so you can stalk me too!)
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I will try my best to work with your budget, so please let me know and we'll make something work out!
Tell me a little about you two! How'd you guys meet? (Awkward first dates make for the best stories!) What's a mutual interest you guys share? The more I know, the better I'll be able to connect with you, and of course, I have a bunch of stories to share as well.

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