My Approach

I think life is more exciting when you live it on the edge, when you take those wild leaps without thinking twice. i want our experience to be more than just a photo session, i want it to be a memorable experience that leaves you feeling alive & more in love. it’s so cool to see how my couples i work with start off a little timid & shy (which is totally normal) and by the end of our session they’re so carefree and full of energy. i also understand that not everyone’s personality is like this but if you’re willing to get a little crazy with me & make some new and fun memories then hit that “book me” button & let’s get in touch! Cheers!



Hey guys! My name is Hugo and I'm a Los Angeles based wedding photographer & filmmaker.

Getting to meet & photograph couples who are crazy about each other has seriously been such a unique and amazing experience. The couples that I have worked with have become much more than clients, they’re friends. I’m a people person, so I’m all about sharing stories and connecting, whether that’s over coffee or just hanging out, I want us to get to know one another, to make our time more memorable!

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